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 Danser Encore

Fabienne Eustratiades / FR

duration: 3':39''

Text of the song
Give me your caresses
To accompany the words
Unknown tenderness
And indigo skies
To find the way
Some moon pearls
Far from the burning sun
And the light of the day

I want to dance again
Under this starry rain
In the blue silence
Tender Berber nights
Live until my head spins
I want nothing more
Than to whirl again and again
To the rhythm of your heart

Give me your caresses
When your fingers trace
Skin too taut
Coming from my fragile body
Is a nomadic music
Coming back to me in echoes
Like a return to love
To make me feverish
I want to dance again…

Give me your caresses
Soothe your voice
And cradle your moon
My grief, my wounds
And to teach you again
And for you to recognise me
I will be reincarnated as a sun
In the dunes

I want to dance again…

[2.1 mb]

Fabienne Eustratiades

 Fabienne Eustratiades

This singer author composer of Greek origin tells us about her songs for humankind. Poetic singing that echoes exotic music from the East and North Africa, a voyage to the centre of the world.


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