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 Forgive and forget

Desert of Joy / LV

duration: 4':20''

Text of the song
It’s dumb to see the pain everywhere,
It’s dumb to know that we made it all,
And all the people suffer for us
All the pain there is made by ourselves

Before you start to hurt someone,
Think what will be of this comes back.
You kill all the things that you see,
You don’t care, if they want to be!

Wouldn’t it be easy to love them all?
And not to censure all the things!
Or all the simple words,
That someone’s trying to say.

The world is only one,
And you’re only one too!
Please think about it,
And correct your mistakes!
We all together kill our world,
Please think about it!
Forgive and forget,
And everything will be all right again…

Open your eyes and look around!
Wouldn’t it be easier?
Forgive and forget!
Not hate and revenge!

[5.0 mb]

Desert of Joy

 Desert of Joy

Formed in April, 2005. So far we have taken part in only one competition. Finished with 1st place and crowd-pulling award.


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