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Caruana Emmanuel / FR

duration: 3':11''

Text of the song
I knew a man that had only one arm. He lost the left one on a windy evening. I felt pity for him, as he could no longer clap his hands or rub them together, but one day he said to me; “Since I was a child I could never understand. I never needed it, neither satisfaction nor joy. I often wanted to cut it off, but I only succeeded in injuring myself. Now it’s gone, and I feel rid of it.”

The other is a world that I don’t know.
I only see his steps in the sun’s shadow.
My neighbour at the table next to me seems submissive, he is very sensible, whatever happens he smiles. Nothing can take away what he is already, beyond discretion, it is pure calm. But, by birth, he was a great king, in a small area of the world where fear reigned. His subjects made poor by his family of tyrants, he escaped being killed by his desire to travel.
The other is a world that I do not know.
I only see his steps in the sun’s shadow.
I saw through the eyes of someone else, that had to be a dream. It wasn’t the same sky, it wasn’t the same dream. I felt lost before finding my way again. It was only another perspective and I felt free. The range of opinions makes each of us unique and free. In turning one’s head to the side, the horizon follows its path.
I only see his steps in the sun’s shadow.

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Caruana Emmanuel

 Caruana Emmanuel

Author with the group "FROLO", Parisian trio that have been playing for 5 years in Paris and the surrounding region


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