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 Le Monde - الدنيا

Musique: Rissani, paroles: Saïd El Meftahi / MA

duration: 4':02''

Text of the song
O World, what happens to you ?
I didn't believe you were like that
Principles are far away. Where did they go ?
The moderation of Man doesn't exist anymore.
He is a distraught wanderer
May God be his guide
All these signs of destruction are presages.

The peoples go according to their concerns
They are afraid of what may happen
Everyone advances armed, only animated by the desire to protect oneself from others
Everyone advances with the firmed conviction that, he only, can do for himself
Religions are truths that lead to peace
We should only remember that, and then our days would be quiet
Tolerance would enlighten the whole world.

I implore the one who created this world,
The Clement who hears everything.
Live peacefully
Respect all the religions
And again water will flow in streams
And the Nature will blossom again
Give me you hand and I will give you mine with the whole consideration of the world
O World, make us laugh
May love prevail and be alive
And the peoples will live in harmony
For you, I composed this poem
It is your turn ; offer it to the one who devotes to the good, to the trust, to the peace
The Peace will dominate undivided in the heart of all
We will taste the sweetness, the colors

O God grant my prayer and help me to propagate my message.

Music: Benamar Mohamed detto Rissani, parole: Saïd El Meftahi

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Musique: Rissani, paroles: Saïd El Meftahi

 Musique: Rissani, paroles: Saïd El Meftahi

Journalist, singer, he shares his recording studio where he offers his sensibility to fellow artists.


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