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 Life and Pace

Muhammed Hosni / Egypt

duration: 3'38

Text of the song
Our sense of life is the same
so why are we so apart?
every orchard has a thousand flowers
they all blossom in the spring,
and peace is the spring
the dream of spring
yearning for spring
with peace we`ll love each other,
long for each other,
dream for each other
Our sense of life is the same
so why are we so apart
?n lifei
Peace is a lantern that gaurds
the star of light and love,
Peace is a feeling that hovers
on lips of a sleeping child
dreaming of spring,
flowers of spring,
the dream of everyone
with peace in every part
we`ll dream for each other
and love each other
For our sense of life is the same
but why are we so apart
in life?

[3.4 mb]

Muhammed Hosni

 Muhammed Hosni

Singer and author, he is also children professor, and he directs a chorus in two Egyptian towns, Alexandria and Sayadeen El Max. He founded the music group Enssan, and he participated to the modernisation and interpretation of the classical Egyptian opera. He is studying to become "doctor in singing".


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great song / 23  8  2008 22:38:33
by jean
i like it ..