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 Ils s'aimèrent

Lucie Darm / Fr

duration: 3'28

Text of the song
She was Brazilian
He was European
She had in her veins
Pure Indian blood
He thought of himself
As being of pure Aryan race

They loved one another, they loved one another, all night long
Each to the other remained a great mystery

She was so fragile
He was large and muscled
Whose blond eyebrows
Dominated blue eyes
With a vanilla flower
She decorated her black hair CHORUS

She had suffered so much
To feed all her brothers
He was the sole inheritor
Of a financial empire
He offered her diamonds
She stole his dreams CHORUS

She thought that the angels
Lived in the clouds
He didn't have the time
To look at the sky
He had castles built
She made the rivers sing CHORUS

[3.2 mb]

Lucie Darm

 Lucie Darm

Lucie Darm is a writer-composer-musician. She writes stories to be sung, funny, tender or moving which a fantasist view of love, life and the world around us…


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