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 Melancia Vida

Iago Abitbol Bodinaux / Belgian

duration: 3'11

Text of the song
Lyrics: Iago Ramone
Melody : Baron Stucki

Bored, the children go back to school
Do you think your ideology is interesting
All of us have our convictions and our principles
My religion is my Art
My poetry is your bullet
It's like telling your mother she's crazy

The aliens talk about the end of the world
I feel like an object of the system
I don't follow justice that is crooked
And no-one was ever just

The lights of Iansa are calling me
The light of Venus burns me
I am a new anarchist
But this girl who wanted to change the world
Revolutionised my spirit

Truth is a great big lie
And the prophecies a charade
But that young man who fought in Araguaia
Against injustice
My country killed him

It's in the watermelon
That I saw life
It's in life
That I hated the watermelon

Viola and chorus : Baron Stucki

[5.8 mb]

Iago Abitbol Bodinaux

 Iago Abitbol Bodinaux

16 year old Belgian-Brazilian composer/singer. Gets his inspiration from World music and the MPB (Brazil)


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