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 Homme de couleur


duration: 4'4

Text of the song
On the 5th floor of a four floor apartment block in your gulag
You can hardly do your housework
You miss African warmth, solitude gnaws at you
No real friends to lean on
Waiting, for you it's subway-work-bed
Still no local girlfriend, alone you share your "MAFFÉ"
Remember, son, the advice of your elders - to meet a white woman go to the bars
The days pass marked by time that you didn't see pass, you dream about returning
Then when your son's born he encounters two cultures
See, a part of your blood is mixed
Verse 2
Apparently we quickly forget the past
Every day on the news - you have to see it to believe it
Slavery apartheid segregation genocide
Words that are still in the dictionary
They say we are all born equal but in the country of the Rights of Man
Some are too tanned to even find somewhere to live
I use the word colour to describe an object
And race for all animals, all animals allowed to exist
In our millennium it's time to wake up
And stop being manipulated by human stupidity
No matter its origins
We all have the same blood running through our veins
Vesre 3
On your fine African sand, I saw your sons trapped by the cunning ones
Some only remember the skirmishers which I suppose is at least something
In these troubled times, with international amnesia
On behalf of my people, I am just a man and have no colour
The only colour that divides Humanity is the silver of money
Let's walk together and go forward
Fighting, all of us, against all forms of injustice so that all this sacrifice will end
Let's seek to understand the differences rather than fear them
And live in a world of sharing and tolerance, you'll see

[4.9 mb]



Abrams dj, a performer originally from the Ivory Coast, living in Marseille. Vanyla, performer from Marseille. Coloured Man is a duet that brings together an artist-producer and a Marseille rap singer who share the same struggle, the struggle against all forms of discrimination.


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