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 Sandra's Letter - خطاب ساندرا

Ady Cohen / Israeli

duration: 2'51

Text of the song
Hi. First of all I'm sorry for my bad English. I'll try to make you sure about my write.
I am working in this moment, but I decided to spend my time in a better way - answering to you, for example!
I'm sad and I feel just a little in trouble for you.
Are you OK?
Are you far from the madness?
I believe that the time of PEACE will not come too late.
So I hope they wrong.
Anyway, let's talking about something more easy to comprehend, like my time here.
I'm busy, I'm running - not even I know where.
I mean, there is so many things I must do that sometimes I lose myself...
Now it's raining, I listen the noise on the windows thinking that it could be worse of course.
So, the atmosfera you feel it's the same for me.
I know you speak about also other sensations. The autumn has beautiful colours;
I was born in November, and I love every special gift the season gives me, also the rain!
Do you think I'm strange?
Maybe, maybe.
Sure I'm happy if you will continue to write me. You are great; I wanna let you know what I think about you.
Dear, let's give in touch as you are able to do it.
Now I've to connect again my brain to the work.
OK, bye. See you,
Love, Sandra.

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Ady Cohen

 Ady Cohen

I am a composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor and performer of music for film, theatre, dance, TV, commercials and the concert hall. My work has won numerous international prizes and awards, among them the Israeli "Oscar". I'm a graduate (with Honors) of New York University's Film & TV dept., on a scholarship from Maestro Leonard Bernstein. I composed music for more than 30 films, and am currently working on my first opera.


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