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 Donner la Vie - هبوا الحياة

Ilyes Yangui / FR

duration: 3':47''

Text of the song
(from the album If We Want to Save the World sung by ILYES’ children’s choir.)

Give Life while you have shelter
Give Hope a chance
For a world without war, without misery

When I walk the street, it stinks
Because there are people who pollute
That makes us angry
Because it messes up the Earth
Our beautiful planet
She has to stay as she is
It‘s like a child‘s story
Worried about the bad times
Sick and penniless
Just like the Earth right now


Our future is in doubt
And it is we who will pay the price
We have to take things in hand
And think about tomorrow
We don‘t demand anything
We are just there to watch
It‘s the story of a freed tiger
I dreamed of beyond a book
He had many children
Just like the Earth right now


The damage people do
While we are growing up
If we do nothing
Life won‘t be the same
We are talking about our lives
If you couldn‘t care less, too bad
It‘s the story of a school
Which tries to find a role
To keep its feet on the ground
So that the birds can fly


We are tomorrow‘s future
It belongs to us
And we have decided
To make everything change

[5.2 mb]

Ilyes Yangui

 Ilyes Yangui

Ilyes YANGUI 25 years old
Son of a Tunisian father and a French mother, she learned the guitar when he was 5 and went to sleep to Brassens, an influence which would manifest itself later in a profusion of poetic lyrics for which the music is particularly effective.


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Donner la vie /  12  2009 16:18:26
C'est une chanson magnifique. Je la connais par coeur bien sur, puiqu'OKSANA est dans la chorale. Tu devrais la chanter en concert avec les chansons de :"crime au...