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 Swiadek (Witness) - شاهد

Kamil Haidar / PL, SY

duration: 3':59''

Text of the song
How many oceans could be filled with my blood
how many oceans could be filled with my pain
countless are victims drowned in sea of hate
simple solution, lost in obsession of power
and every day I pray to Lord
I don't wanna die

I am the witness

so many years without dignity, hell in holy place
I am loosing ground under my feet, they steal my soul
we can't change our past, we need to create our future
whole world against us, against our tragedy

their cry tears soul, their cry tears the world,
this is how mothers heart bleeds, this is how her world is coming to an end,
little children cry, this is how fear wins
little children die, this is what world looks at

I am the witness

And this is our scream, from the end of the world
we demand reaction not empty declarations
somebodys more important right, needs without bottom,
sick mythomaniac, craddles of evil,
and we wont hide our sight and thoughts
it concerns You as well it concerns me
and this is our scream against "free world"

I am the witness

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Kamil Haidar

 Kamil Haidar

25 years old, half Arab half Polish, musician and political scientist living in Poland. Through his band - Shahid, he tries to focus people in Poland on problems of wars in Middle East.


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