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 No more - ليس بعد

Bassistinti / IT

duration: 3':50''

Text of the song
Man, tonight there is no dancing, tonight you must listen to the lament of those who have always been exploited, of those whose blood no longer wants to be spilled.
You have strewn farts and tanks but from atop a confident throne nothing is sin. You never feel the pain of those you hurt but you will feel the pain of those who still endure.
No more, do not strike do not exploit anymore, you hear the cries of those who still suffer. No more, repeat it forever in your heart now.
You spit at the Indio and trample his land, you have soiled your hands with his blood. Now listen to his cry that rises and pray it will not be yours tomorrow. Stop for a moment to think. Do not play, dance, sing, listen to the scream from the heart. Your race against time is over, look at the sea, you must scream your words into the wind.
Indian, South American, black African, Lombardo, Sicilian brother, contamination of diverse cultures exploited by logical and perverse rules, of those who forever fill their mouths with beautiful words and think only of business and not of all the people who die.

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In 1994, in pre-Alpine Jamaica (Varese), the upbeat sound of Bassistinti came together – a passionate journey into Jamaican music, London blue beat and the Latino ska of Buenos Aires. This and much more: a mix of ragga, roots, ska 2tone, rock steady and dub; a journey into Jamaican culture and music from the 1960s through today. The group has three CDs to its name (all put out by Tube Records and Venus) and appears on a number of Italian and foreign compilations. They have played numerous times outside of Italy as well (especially in Northern Europe).


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