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 Missione e sottomissione

Jolaurlo / IT

duration: 5':45''

Text of the song
Laughing, crying, emotions free to be, exist beyond any limit. I breathe, chew, air and food, victims of a magical, mystical, evil spell. Discovering that inside I have what it takes to be serene, but it’s as if everything around me continually wants to hold me back! WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE? MAN’S WILL TO PREVAIL. WHAT CAN I ACTUALLY DO, IF TIME FLIES, ECSAPES AND I DON’T WANT TO FEAR. Thinking, remembering, emotions free to be, exist, beyond any obligation. I walk, observe spaces and images, victims of a magical, mystical, evil spell. Mission and Submission, improvised prophets, dictators, businessmen and soldiers, Mission and Submission, unfortunate, illiterate servants, globalized women and workers…

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Jolaurlo, the pulp rock band from Apulia, has produced one CD (D'Istanti, Tube Records) and played at numerous important festivals, including Neapolis, Arezzo Wave, to name but a few.


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