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 Motive Power (Energia Motriz)

Nuno Rodrigues / PT

duration: 2'02"

Text of the song
Once, we walked to the depth,
Facing the world with simplicity,
But we came backwards:
- An essential voice was lost,
the word of natural strength
(water of light, from a spring fountain,
spouting the Love)…

But now, in front of the dawn,
We take care of the future,
Rising right now!

Everyday is a world to built,
Each arm is a way of helping:
A motive power, with the will of having and being,
Surrounded by the greatest truth:
- The freedom to see the dawn of the most audacious day!

Even against the hard vice,
We walk on a magical road that goes up and down,
We face the illusion together:
- The growing and extractor distance between the dream and the action!

[1.9 mb]

Nuno Rodrigues

 Nuno Rodrigues

Nuno Rodrigues (composer, lyricist and singer) is the leader of the musical project "Axaraz", shared also by Carla Pontes (the other singer of this song) and Ana Messias. "Axaraz" is present on


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Thanks! / 12  2  2009 13:12:50
by Nuno Rodrigues
Muito obrigado, querida prima - amiga Cidália! Estarás sempre num lugar especial do meu coração! Thank you so much dear Cidália, for your support! You'll always be...

de londres 28 off 2008 / 28  12  2008 18:16:08
by cidalia murtinheira
A maior admiradora deste grupo em especial do nuno rodrigues que tem um futuro brilhante pela vida o seu talento nasceu com ele, disso ninguem vai...