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 Grand-mere (Henna)

Ouafa Merras (Tamiri) / MA

duration: 2'20"

Text of the song
Ardently desired of you grandmothers
Oh my grandmother Partridge Oh received Beautiful
You are a white dove
Like a beautiful neck of jewels the borders of girl
I will sort any grain of your grandmother
I will grill it
I will prepare a mill
I will pulverise
I work the flour down

Knead it myself
I fetch wood and I start the fire myself
I have the bread and the kitchen to myself
I am going to fetch water from the source
l I make your house tidy
I am going to make your bed myself
And I am going to make up your eyes
And I dress you myself
I am going to make up your lips
And I comb your hair

[2.1 mb]

Ouafa Merras (Tamiri)

 Ouafa Merras (Tamiri)

Known with the artistic name of "Tamiri", she is a Berber-Moroccan singer. She choses the theme of the grand mother because she valorise the relationship between the members of the family.


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henna /  5  2009 19:33:45
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tres belle chanson...