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 Les Rats de Marée

Cyril Adda / FR

duration: 4'10"

Text of the song
In Toulon the boats are mooring, the seagulls are playing,
From the hills up to the port, we have had enough.
Of the greedy-gut politicians, seekers of ancestry,
Who built their future by means of pillaging,
Who conclude their deals by running the markets,
Invoking misery and insecurity.
These pot-bellied bourgeois with their hair-piece looks,
Have spread terror in the rich neighbourhoods,
Converted old crazies who still dare,
At night in the dark of the ports to take their poodles outside.

Let us dance to the rhythm of the tides,
On the broken waves.
The wind sweeps over the hills,
Tomorrow we will cross the summits!

[5.7 mb]

Cyril Adda

 Cyril Adda

Musician, sound engineer, light technician, I have been developing in these last years my own personal music project called "Les Rats de Marée", group composed by five musicians (clarinet, bass, piano), where I am guitarist and singer. I started writing songs in 2000. After a deceiving start, the "Rats de Marée" has been my first "hit" and the starting point of my own group.


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