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Benalia Mourad / FR

duration: 4'14"

Text of the song
I have so many things that I regret in this past
that I spend all my nights in solitary embrace
and I am weary of being this utterly false person
I struggle to rid myself of him, I feel myself blocked as if in a pit
unhealthy, impure, times seem so hard
hard to make it when in one’s mind one is still immature
thoughtless, me who claims to do informed rap
makes of my writings a therapy to my full knowledge
but perhaps I should look at myself before looking at others
in stead of preaching my good words by playing the saint
I have never wanted to be what I am
to appear as this character that I wanted so much
but it is like that, it is life, it is destiny, it is written
often at night I say to myself why am I living
and how by being alive, we all end up “naught”
by opening one’s eyes a little, no I cannot be an unbeliever
I believe in the Last Day, it is the only thing that remains believable
in the Curan, the Torah, and including the Bible
as a Muslim, I do not care about being the target
of all the clichés which despite of who I am makes me susceptible
I must stop these habits that change my attitude
stop lying, I fall into a weariness
I have drowned too many real friends in disappointment
and if he hears me, I send them all forgiveness.


I ask for forgiveness
from all the people I love
for having broken the emblem
because of the silly things I sow
I ask for forgiveness
to God the Almighty,
for being young and thoughtless
26 years without feeling
I ask for forgiveness
for having all this bitterness
a hypocrite, bad moods
whilst waiting for a heart transplant
I ask for forgiveness
may God forgive me
before my hour sounds

[6.8 mb]

 Benalia Mourad

Hip hop artist since 1996, he has recorded two solo albums (Thérapie, De Panam à la campagne).

Pardon (Forgive me): after a dishonouring behaviour against his family, a 26 year young man asks to be forgiven. He believes that a bad person can evolve and became good.


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