the winners
another look

International short film contest
on the theme of Intercultural Dialogue


 انفجار الولادات - Baby Boom
another look 2004
Jake Barnes / GBانفجار الولادات - Baby Boom
duration: 3':32''
A businessman finds a ticking package at an airport. But how can it be dangerous when it looks so cute!
 Baĝcik (Lacing) - الرباط، سيرة
another look 2006
Çaĝlar Çetin / TRBaĝcik (Lacing) - الرباط، سيرة
duration: 3':30''
Two tied persons: they have to cooperate to do their simple daily gestures.
 The Bogiamen - بوجيمان
another look 2007
Franco Dipietro / ItalyThe Bogiamen - بوجيمان
duration: 4':47''
3 African musicians immigrated in Turin. One day they find some old folk music records in a basement. A strange adventure starts...
 Brod Lodaka (The Ship of Fools)
another look 2006
Matthias Lebeer / BE, BABrod Lodaka (The Ship of Fools)
duration: 17':47''
Vedran, a once famous musician, tries to shelter his family from the madness of war. Based on a true story.
 Burry It - ادفنيه
another look 2007
Sivan Ben Ari / IsraelBurry It - ادفنيه
duration: 11':00"
Hadar, a future mother, is struggling with herself whether to circumcise her son according to the Jewish tradition...
 Derdba - دردبة
another look 2005
Yassine Marco Maroccou / MADerdba - دردبة
duration: 14':52''
Derdba: a healing trance through music. From the encounter between three wounded people, linked and united by music, the effects of the ritual will arise
 عيون جمال - Djamel's Eyes
another look 2004 (Inspiration)
David Casals-Roma / SP - UKعيون جمال - Djamel's Eyes
duration: 12':24''
Two wounded in the same room: from the encounter of their own limits, they overcome diversity
 Don Quixote Be'Yerushalayim (Don Quixote in Jerusalem)
another look 2006
Dani Rosemberg / ILDon Quixote Be'Yerushalayim (Don Quixote in Jerusalem)
duration: 4':31''
A modern "Don Quixote" who tries to break the wall between Israel and Palestine.