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هولوجرام - Hologram

 هولوجرام - Hologram

Iman Kamel / DE, EG

durata: 9':57''
produzione: Iman Kamel
anno di produzione: 2002
e-mail: ikamel@online.de

The "I" of the poem "Hologram" is at one time the stranger in a city, suddenly the "I" mutates as one of the people of the city, and then it is the "I" of thousands of years of history...The Short Film "HOLOGRAM" is based on a poem, that I wrote as an inspiration for my camerawomen, just before we left to Cairo. I wanted her to travel her first time to Cairo with eyes like a new born but burdened with my strange and contradictory feelings about being in the old home city, and also to feel the pulsing Silence in the midst of the Chaos in this Mega city. The process of not being a tourist and a stranger anymore, being home again and at last parting, is a whole seismographic universal movement. HOLOGRAM functions like a messenger for a film project, where the cities Cairo and Berlin fuses into one visionary world.

[10.2 mb]
Iman Kamel

 Iman Kamel

Iman Kamel è nata nel 1964 al Cairo, vive tra Berlino ed il Cairo dal 1987 dove ha studiato cinema all’Università ed alla Film Academy. Ha diretto tra gli altri NOARA 9 Min Beta SP (1995), KHADIGA 5 Min Beta SP (1997) e HOLOGRAM 10 Min Beta SP (2002). Lavora ad un progetto di lungometraggio che trascende le città di Berlino e del Cairo in un cosmo visionario. NACHIKET 38 Min Beta SP (2004) è il suo primo documentario lirico: in un piccolo villaggio nel nord dell’India, dove profssori e bambini vivono insieme in un processo di apprendimento costante.


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Nostalgic name /  6  2010 18:25:13
hi Iman , thanks for your nostalgic film about the city , but i would like to ask you that do you have any relative or friends in Alexandria with similar name , i had...

thanks for your art /  2  2009 18:58:30
kareem mostafa
nice to see people like you in our worl i geuss you are a ripe artist by the way i'm kareem 24 years from egypt and i have talent to be an actor and i still not got...