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A Father's Prayer

 A Father's Prayer

Döndü Kilic / DE

duration: 5':52''
production: HFF Konrad Wolf
year of production: 2005

A father in a palestinian mosque mourns his son's death. He doubts and questions, asks God and himself. Suddenly a door opens...

[9.9 mb]

 Döndü Kilic

Born in 1976 in Malatya, Turkey. 1980 moved to Bonn, Germany. 1993-96 Public Relations and Assistant Director in theatre Euro-Theater-Central Bonn.1996 studying philosophy and sociology, Humboldt University, Berlin. Since 1999 co-organising the festival "Fusion". Since 2002 studying directing at dffb filmschool, Berlin.


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subject / 16  6  2008 17:01:57
by tom
very vivid subject, the consequences of terrorism acts are unpredictable