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Le bruit et l'odeur des marteaux piqueurs

 Le bruit et l'odeur des marteaux piqueurs

Sonia Giardina / IT

duration: 20':21''
production: Sonia Giardina
year of production: 2006

11,500 people wait for accomodation in the 18th district in Paris. More than 100,000 people are houseless in France and 3,500,000 inhabitants live in temporary and poor accomodations. Considering this very serious crisis (which hurts the immigrants above all), governments have never been able to take the necessary measures. Moreover, most of social accomodation built nowadays are just a pretence because of their assignation often depends on owning a middle-high income. In this way urban recostruction in the 18th district is going toward a progressive change of its inhabitants. Old buildings, settled by africans for a long time, have been occupied by the young and trendy middle classes (the so-called "bobo") interested in these council estates. So... which is the fate of this immigrants who suffer accomodation problems?

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 Sonia Giardina

Following studies in Humanities at the University of Catania, she moved to Paris to specialise in cinema, where she studied editing techniques and directing. She now writes and directs documentaries, as well as working as a director’s assistant.


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