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Un monde pour Tom - عالم لأجل توم

 Un monde pour Tom - عالم لأجل توم

Jean-Luc Slock / BE

duration: 9':41''
production: Caméra Enfants Admis, RTBF - Liège
year of production: 2005

In sombre colours. Closed doors. Darkness. And then we see Tom, a little guy with rosy cheeks, as he lands. Catapulted into a strange world where obstacles, unlikely encounters and invitations to discovery are weaved together. A world inhabited by the “big ones”, “tall ones”, “the tangled haired ones” and the “ones without eyes” A world where each has their own language, their codes, just like in the real world. Tom opens the doors to one after another to go beyond what he sees, what he hears, what he already knows. He wants to shatter prejudice.

[11.9 mb]
Jean-Luc Slock

 Jean-Luc Slock

Jean-Luc SLOCK is the founder of the ASBL (Non Profit Making Association) Caméra Enfants Admis. The association’s principal aim to teach young people the audiovisual language. It specializes in the making of animated films. He is also involved in public relations for projects and events abroad (seminars, festivals, radio and TV shows, …) and presenter/director of numerous film animation courses worldwide : France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Vietnam, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Austria, Lebanon, Africa, etc.


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