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Derdba - دردبة

 Derdba - دردبة

Yassine Marco Maroccou / MA

duration: 14':52''
production: Mohamed Darid
year of production: 2005

In the waiting room of a kaouay we find the three protagonists out our story, here to visit this traditional doctor, a shaman who will cure their injuries. Ralia, a moqadma lila aissaouia *, with a sore knee, El Gouchy, an immobilized hairdresser and gnawi ** musician, and Zoltan, a Hungarian deejay with shattered ears, relive in this waiting room the incidents that led them here. We soon realise that there is an exchange, a hyphen between these three characters through the one element that links and unites them in physical suffering: music. That same night, to the sounds of the muezzin’s call to prayer at dawn, through a fusion of the soul and music, Ralia, Gouchy and Zoltan are completely cured.
* esoteric music event during which an emblematic central figure – in this case Ralia – enters a trance-like state through the mind-blowing rhythms of the music and allows those who follow her in this spiral to be cured of their ills.
** ancient esoteric music and dance made up of dancers, musicians, healers, moqadma, sons of slaves deported from Sudan.

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Yassine Marco Maroccou

 Yassine Marco Maroccou

From a Sarde father and a Moroccan mother, arrived in Italy at the end of '98. Produced and directed three short films and a music clip. In September 2004, he created a production company, Eclipse. It is a company designed to reinforce intercultural exchanges and filmmaking between Italy and Morocco.


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