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Steinflug - طيران الحجر

 Steinflug - طيران الحجر

Susanne Horizon Franzel / DE

duration: 14':52''
year of production: 2005

The STONE is the oldest and most popular weapon in the history of mankind. Always at hand, the stone can be used without premeditation. With FLIGHT OF THE STONE the audience experiences how a stone - in this case a cobble-stone - is torn out of its environment and made a tool of violence: someone throws it at an enemy. The stone misses its goal, enters in the earth’s orbit, and from there witnesses human relationships and disputes. The stone continues its flight around the world until it approaches the person who threw it.

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Susanne Horizon Franzel

 Susanne Horizon Franzel

Susanne Horizon Fränzel studied animated film at the State Academy of Visual Arts in Stuttgart, gaining her diploma in 1986 and her masters degree a year later. Since then she has been directing and producing her own art films and has worked on other productions as a director. Her films have been awarded international prizes for their creative and technical innovation and are shown and broadcast in around fifty countries. When looking for ideas or material that will trigger discussions, schools, universities and educational institutions of all kinds have always found just what they needed in her work. BRAVO PAPA 2040, GOOD THINGS and SISTER GROUCHO are the titles of some of her productions. In 1998 the USA granted her their Green Card (work permit) for "Exceptional Artists", for her work in the field of animation.


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