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Is this the Way to Eurillo?

 Is this the Way to Eurillo?

Enrico Girardi e Nicola Brusco / IT

duration: 4':14''
production: Giusi Santoro, Maria Martinelli
year of production: 2005

This cartoon moves from the famous video "Is this the way to Armadillo?" made by British soldiers at Al-Faw base in Iraq, and it is a parody of the original "Is this the way to Amarillo?" made by Peter Kay. After laughing with this cartoon, we should all remember that each of us could give his own contribute to the consolidation of a peaceful Europe and a peaceful World. What do you think?

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Enrico Girardi e Nicola Brusco

 Enrico Girardi e Nicola Brusco

Nicola Brusco. Doctorate in research in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering. Collaboration with the University of Padoue in the domain of artificial sight and 3D modelling. 3D modelling for Trévise mayor’s office in the virtual reconstruction of the Sant'Orsola Chapel. He has made web animations, short animated films which can be seen on the site Winner at the Officinema Festival (Lumiere cinema in Bologne), section "Visioni Animate" 2004.

Enrico Girardi. Humourist. Graphic designer and artistic, musical and graphic producer. Currently employed in a music company, where he does graphics, and is product manager and artist manager.


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