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Pour te parler de nous -  لأحدثك عنا

 Pour te parler de nous - لأحدثك عنا

Jean-Luc Slock / BE

duration: 13':33''
production: Véronique Michel
year of production: 2002

Marie’s grandfather is Yugoslavian, her grandmother Dutch. Sebastian, 11, is Belgian of Chilean origin. Tola, 9, was born in Cambodia. There is also Sarah, born in Addis-Abeba, Nola native of the Ivory Coast and all the other young creators of the animated film A World For Tom. This documentary shows the children making their film (writing the screenplay, making the sets and the characters, shooting and sound-dubbing) and allows them to talk about their lives and the experiences of cultural diversity that they share.

[16.4 mb]
Jean-Luc Slock

 Jean-Luc Slock

Jean-Luc SLOCK is the founder of the ASBL (Non Profit Making Association) Caméra Enfants Admis. The association’s principal aim to teach young people the audiovisual language. It specializes in the making of animated films. He is also involved in public relations for projects and events abroad (seminars, festivals, radio and TV shows, …) and presenter/director of numerous film animation courses worldwide : France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Vietnam, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Austria, Lebanon, Africa, etc.


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