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Rumeur, etc. - إشاعة، الخ

 Rumeur, etc. - إشاعة، الخ

Mohamed Latrèche / FR, DZ

duration: 20':48''
production: Les Films du Safran, Philippe Etienne, Sora Film
year of production: 2003

Bachir is waiting. And why not a visa for France… A rumour breaks his daily routine: the change of the Algerian week-end. Hamza told him: from the Thursday-Friday, Algeria will adopt the Saturday-Sunday week-end…

[25.2 mb]

 Mohamed Latrèche

Mohamed Latrèche created his production and distribution company SORA in 2003. Since then he distributes mainly European films in Algeria. Born in Sidi-Bel-Abbès, town located in the West of Algeria, Mohamed Latrèche arrived in France to study in 1992. He has produced and filmed several short films, such as the creative documentary A la recherche de l'Emir Abd El-Kader or the short film Rumeur, etc.


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je veux vous exprimer mes sincere félicitations et t'adresse tous mes voeux et je vous souhaite une bonne contunieté