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Nachtshift (Nightshift) - وردية الليل، سيرة

 Nachtshift (Nightshift) - وردية الليل، سيرة

Wendy Montellano / BE

duration: 12':26''
production: Potemkino (Peter De Maegd & Daniel Lamberts)
year of production: 2006

Night Shift is a magic-realistic movie about a Belgian businessman, Benny, who wants to jump from a skyscraper and is stopped by two immigrant cleaning ladies.

[15.0 mb]

 Wendy Montellano

Wendy Montellano did her filmstudies at Rits, a Brussels filmschool. After graduating, she mostly worked as a director for television productions. In 2002 she graduated with the short French Fries.


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