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Hamdan and Zidane - حمدان  وزيدان

 Hamdan and Zidane - حمدان وزيدان

Bassem Nasir / JO, PS

duration: 5':54''
production: Intel Education Programs
year of production: 2004

Hamdan is a Jordanian boy who wants to play football for the French National Team. The fact that he is not French does not seem to concern him; after all, Zinedine Zidane is Algerian and he plays for France so why can’t he….Hmmmm…good point

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Bassem Nasir

 Bassem Nasir

Bassem’s creativity has served him well in his professional career as a manager in an IT company as well as a writer, actor, and director. He has a degree in engineering as well as formal theatrical training from New York City theatre schools. He has published several short stories and is just finished a script for a play/feature film.


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