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La fune, The Rope - الحبل

 La fune, The Rope - الحبل

Alessandro Leone / IT

duration: 14':18''
production: ESTER Productions
year of production: 2004

Metaphoric tale, centred about a rope which connected two balconies overlooked the same road. The rope is used by two women, one Arab and the other one Italian, to hang out the washing. Sharing is not easy however. Entering the rope turns into a challenge and the relationship between the two becomes stormy and grotesque at time. In the meantime their respective children, an eight years boy and a seven years girl, learn to know each other just through the rope exchanging their drawings.

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Alessandro Leone

 Alessandro Leone

Teacher, film critic and film festival organizer. His script for feature film "Pap Samb" has been selected and supported by MEDEA Program


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La fune, The Rope / 10  1  2010 1:01:31
by Osas Usideme
this film is an eye opener; especially for migrant trying in intergrate into the society they are residending. personally as an immigrant, it certaintly explains some of...

Powerfully moving nessage /  11  2009 0:44:06
by Bernie Ireland
What a wonderful metaphor I am learning to speak Italian in college and we watched this short movie. This very powerful message can be understood in any language Grazie...