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عيون جمال - Djamel's Eyes

 عيون جمال - Djamel's Eyes

David Casals-Roma / SP - UK

duration: 12':24''
year of production: 2004

Djamel and Paco share the same room in a hospital recovering from a sea accident. They are very different from each other and their view of the world is completely opposite. As Paco is not able to move from his bed, Djamel describes to him all the beautiful things he can see through the window: the sea, the beach, the fishermen…. With a bit of time and talking, they both realise that they are not as different from each other as they initially thought, until destiny knocks on the door…

[12.7 mb]
David Casals-Roma

 David Casals-Roma

David Casals-Roma was born in Lleida (Spain) in 1972. He studied there until he was eighteen and spent much of his spare time reading novels and watching films. The fact that his father bought an 8mm projector when he was very little could have triggered his interest in filmmaking although the thinks that his love for the seventh art has been something that has gradually built up. After a series of odd jobs and an uncertain future, he started to study Law. However, he realised that it wasn’t his cup of tea and quitted in the third year. With the fear of spending the rest of his life behind a desk in a boring office, he decided to move to Amsterdam when he was twenty five and start a new life with his partner Merce, a person who has always been supporting David’s creativity. He lived there for two years working at the customer service department of different IT companies and then he decided to move to Brussels where he spent a year and a half working for JP Morgan as an IT technician. In 2001, after travelling to different countries in Europe, Asia and the United States, he decided to move to London to do something he always wanted to do: to study cinema. He went to different film schools and attended different courses and, in the end, he enrolled on a BA in Film and Media at the Birkbeck University of London. He is now finishing his third year and he works as a telecommunications engineer and as a screenwriting teacher. He just waits for the day when he will be able to start up his own production company and work in the audiovisual field. David speaks five languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian and French) and so far has made five short films, which have won several awards in Europe. He has also written two books, several short stories (some of them published), and poetry, although he is now completely focused on writing projects for both TV and film. He now lives in Reading (United Kingdom) with his partner Merce and her little daughter Anaïs, and he is preparing his last short film before jumping on the big adventure of making his first feature film.


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