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another look 2004



Yasmine El-Rashidi / EG

duration: 5':14"
year of production: 2005

We never know what's inside a person's head, how they feel, what they think, what is beneath the public facade. We all have a perspective, colored by the path we have taken in life. Personal struggle is universal -- it manifests in all sorts of ways. This film offers an entree into one person's mind -- what it's like to look out through their eyes on a particular day. In a world consumed by assumption and judgement, this film is an attempt to provoke thought. The hope is that across the world, people will relate.

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 Yasmine El-Rashidi

Yasmine El-Rashidi was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. She is a staff reporter with The Wall Street Journal, covering the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. Her fascination lies in the inside of people's minds -- what keeps them waking up every morning, what drives them, inspires them, pains them, in life. And as well, what propels people to self-destruct. This is her first film.


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