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another look 2004

Earth - أرض

 Earth - أرض

Keren Shayo / IL, PS

duration: 13':44''
production: Eduardo Soteras
year of production: 2004

In June 2002 the Military Authority of Israel in the occupied territories started to build a wall to separate the Palestinian occupied territories from the Israeli side. This location of the wall not only makes a deep cut in the Palestinian territories, but also in the Palestinian’s people life. Earth shows the story of a man and his family whose life has been trapped by the conflict: their house is located literally inside the wall, the land that they used to work is now in the Israeli side of the wall, and their only way to get to their village and people is through a gate that their not allowed to open to any visitors.

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Keren Shayo

 Keren Shayo

Between the years 2002-2004 Studies of Cinema and Television in Tel-Hai, Rodman Academic College. Upper Galilee Valley. Israel In 2004 Worked as an editor teacher in the School of Cinema in Tel-Hai, and in editing Shorts movies as part of the job The project made as part of my own interest, and started when a camp against the wall was made in Mas-ha. To document some of the moment over there was hard for me, but considering that moments behind the camera are everyday life of someone, made it being done.


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