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ياكار – إسبيرانسا - Yakar - Esperanza

 ياكار – إسبيرانسا - Yakar - Esperanza

Guillermo Sempere / SP

duration: 14':57''
production: Audiovisuales del Monte S.L., Matias Martinez
year of production: 2004

Generally speaking, for the states which admit refugees, these are considered people persecuted by authorities of their own country because of the political activities in which they take part. But, according to Geneva Convention in 1951, there are others causes to become a refugee.

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Guillermo Sempere

 Guillermo Sempere

Guillermo Sempere studied “Escuela Internacional de cine San Antonio de los Baños” in Cuba. Yakar is his third short film, after The last Bolero in 1999 and El retablo de Tontonelo in 2001.


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