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Uè paisà! Atto I. Frankein

 Uè paisà! Atto I. Frankein

Gianni Torres / IT

duration: 9':21''
production: Filippo Trojano, Elisa Resegotti
year of production: 2003

"Ué…paisà - Act I. Franchein" is a documentary born from the question: is it possible to become integrated in the Italian people communicating through the most rooted expression or rather the dialect? In Italy, in fact, in every town or city people speak a different dialect, sometimes more than Italian itself. Here therefore the meeting/interview with Talla, pedlar of Senegal, regular immigrant. Talla speaks one of the most ancient dialects of Bari, that of the old city, the same language which comes from a city reality wound by marginalization and by social uneasiness. Talla, called by everybody "Franchein" (Franchino), expresses endless dignity, underlining the religious differences, the daily difficulties, the future objectives of his own life. The dialect is really a privileged entry door to access to society: after few minutes, after having overcome the folklorist impact, miraculously, we no longer realize the different skin coloration because that language is the life companion of all the Italians in their own respective cadences and endless dialects. Moreover, Franchein's gestures and expressions are extraordinary and very interesting, typical of who speaks the dialect of Bari. Last consideration: maybe the best understanding of people cultures and habits goes really through the deep knowledge of language.

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Gianni Torres

 Gianni Torres

Gianni Torres was born in Polignano a mare, in Bari, in 1967. The author of many radio programmes and founder of the magazine Dilectus, he has been the promoter of numerous initiatives such as Modugno torna a casa. He is now a documentary and short films director. His filmography includes Il futuro della memoria (2001) and Bintou l’uoma (2003).


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