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L’eau c’est la vie - الماء الحياة

 L’eau c’est la vie - الماء الحياة

Louise-Marie Colon, Jean-Luc Slock (CEA) / BE

duration: 8':29''
production: Caméra Enfants Admis
year of production: 2003

Pogobi, a little Mossi girl, is checking her lessons before going to school. Zerbo, the Samo boy, is catching water all day long. He tries to dragg the girl to play hooky. But, because he’s drinking from the backwater, he falls ill. Pogobi takes him to the dispensary....
In the typical African tone of “joking kinship”, special established code in West Africa, which allows to evacuate and regulate ethnical tensions by humour and provocation, 2 kids describe African realities about problems concerning the water, spring of life, but also cause of diseases.

[8.0 mb]
Louise-Marie Colon, Jean-Luc Slock (CEA)

 Louise-Marie Colon, Jean-Luc Slock (CEA)

Script writing, design, animation, sound and songs: pupils from 2 schools of Donsin in Burkina Faso


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