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زارتمو - Zartmo

 زارتمو - Zartmo

Marc Dalmans / BE

duration: 16':42''
production: Climax Films, Olivier Rausin
year of production: 2004

An unusual journey on a tramway. A brief encounter between an old lady and a 12-year-old second-generation North African kid, in Brussels. From buried wishes to nostalgia, a bond is born. On this empty tramway, the lady tells the kid a story. The story of a man who died of not making his dreams come true. What will remain of this life lesson ?

[18.5 mb]
Marc Dalmans

 Marc Dalmans

First directing experience for Marc DALMANS, 40 years, a lot of experience in filming and shooting. He has been unit manager in a number of European and Belgian films like : JOYEUX NOËL, JEUX D’ENFANTS, LES PORTES DE LA GLOIRE, LES CONVOYEURS ATTENDENT, MADAME EDOUARD, UNE LIAISON PORNOGRAPHIQUE, LA FEMME DE GILLES, and in various telefilms.


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