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Burry It - ادفنيه

 Burry It - ادفنيه

Sivan Ben Ari / Israel

duration: 11':00"
production: Sivan Ben Ari
year of production: 2007

Hadar, a future mother, is struggling with herself whether to circumcise her son, according to the Jewish tradition and the common norm in the Jewish-Israeli society. In a society where circumcision is undisputed, Hadar dares to ask herself about the relevancy of this ceremony to her life. Like many other mothers, Hadar to is forced to accept the traditional burden and do something she does not agree with. Hadar feels that this is her first failure as a parent when she can’t protect her child from this physical pain. The frustration is enormous, and is buried deep in the ground.

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 Sivan Ben Ari

Sivan Ben Ari is film director. She has been directing 4 short films: the documentary Nothing Lasts Forever (2004), and the fictions The Party's Over (2006), Broken Telephone (2007), and Cat Burglar (2007).


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