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Rémoras - العراقيل

 Rémoras - العراقيل

Marisa Lafuente / Spain

duration: 18':20''
production: Lolita Peliculitas Artes Visuales SL
year of production: 2007

Did you ever spend New Year´s Eve in a car? Did you ever told your most intimate secret to a stranger? When was the last time you asked The Three Kings for a favor? What is more difficult: to forgive or to be forgiven?

[104.1 mb]
Marisa Lafuente

 Marisa Lafuente

Marisa Lafuente was born in Madrid in 1970. She graduated in journalism from Madrid "Complutense" University and have been working in various areas like reporter or script writer. From there on, she have been working as a script writer in her profession as a journalist and as director for short movies at the same time. In 2004 she shot as a director her first short movie. "Platicando" (or "Chatting") is a documentary that tells about immigrants and their lives throughout telephone calls that they do with their friends or relatives. Presently she collaborate from her remote residence in Germany with a Spanish producer writing formats for television and furthermore continuing to develop her own projects above all a script for a big screen movie.


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