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Mirror Monk Jihad - مرآة الراهب جهاد

 Mirror Monk Jihad - مرآة الراهب جهاد

Bernardo Borgeson / Sweden, Syria

duration: 14':47''
production: Stefan Magnusson (Panthera)
year of production: 2007

There are two jihads: The minor one is to go to the war and fight, the major jihad is the spiritual one, to live for God. For Josef Jihad, Christian Maronite monk in Mar Musa, "jihad" means to love Christ, seeing in a mirror, recognizing in Islam the same God of his Christian faith. Filmed in the monastery Mar Musa, founded in the 6th century in the Syrian desert, a living testimony of Christian love for Islam through dialog and collaboration with Muslims.

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Bernardo Borgeson

 Bernardo Borgeson

Bernardo Borgeson, an Ecuadorian/Swedish filmmaker, that has directed many creative documentaries and short films critically acclaimed in various international filmfestivals.


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Tarkovsky-like! / 27  10  2009 14:53:11
by Luisa
thousand thaks Bernardo for this beautiful film. I really admire the way you mix pictures and sounds to transfer the atmosphere of such a meditative place.