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La Question - السؤال

 La Question - السؤال

Elika Hedayat / France

duration: 14':59''
production: ENSBA
year of production: 2006

Since I left my home country, Iran, to study in Paris, I even couldn’t imagine being face to many questions and interrogations about my country, Iran, and the women’s situation, in particular. I found my self not capable to respond at all these questions and they suddenly became my own obsession. Therefore, I decided to interview the Iranian women in Tehran and the French women in Paris, to ask them only one thing: what is the most important question of their life? La Question is an experimental film containing multiple testimonial and narrative animated scenes.

[86.0 mb]
Elika Hedayat

 Elika Hedayat

Live and work in Paris-Tehran. Student in last year of master program at ENSBA, Annette Massager's Studio. As a video artist and filmmaker, she explores different ways of confronting the realism in cinema with her own imaginary universe by using different sort of audiovisual compositions (Animation, Documentary, Sound creation, etc.). She is interested in social subjects, human relations and identity. She collaborates with several group projects and theatre companies in Paris and Tehran.


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Great! / 16  5  2010 12:55:45
by Ghazal
It was amazing. i really enjoye it and i'm really proud of you as an iranian girl

Greatttt / 23  4  2009 13:10:59
by sarah ashtari
It is Great;)