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The Bogiamen - بوجيمان

 The Bogiamen - بوجيمان

Franco Dipietro / Italy

duration: 4':47''
production: Lorenzo Corgnati (Duemonete)
year of production: 2007

“Bogiamen” is a neologism born from the mix of “bogianen” (a slang word that exactly mean: don’t move) with the English word “man”. So the word “Bogiamen” sound like boogieman, but hide the meaning of bogianen in itself. Three guys from the multiethnic Turin’s zone of “Porta Palazzo” find some old music instruments and records in the basement of an old folk musician died just some days before. They sell everything at the Balon second hand market, but something incredible happen: the old folk musician come back to claim his instruments. They are not able to get back all the stuff they take away, so the old musician (called Bino Pellissero) proposed a join venture: they will help him to performed live at the big folk music contest of the city. So 2 guys from Morocco, 1 from Senegal and 1 from Italy formed a band called The Bogiamen.

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Franco Dipietro

 Franco Dipietro

Graduated in Managerial Engineering to the Polytechnic of Turin, it achieves the Master in Techniques of the Narration - Holden School - (Torino) and the School of television - School R.T.I. Mediaset - Rome. From 2003 he works like copywriter in Leo Burnett. Mainly he has filmed for Fiat New campaigns TV Shield "Schumacher" - Nuovo Ducato "Champions" - Seven "Funeral" and one myriad of announcements and promotions for all the Fiat cars from 2003 until today. He has participated to the contest for format Telecom 2007, to the contest for campaign 3HG of 2006 with Luciano Nardi like creative director and to the last writing of spot Pirelli with Sergio Rodriguez. In 2002 he begins in Rome to make the scriptwriters freelance.He has moreover written up some television plan with Gino Ventriglia as tutor, of which he has followed the course for scriptwriters.


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